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In 1979, Bill Lee’s vision became reality when he opened the first office of Lee & Associates in Orange County, California. Every Lee office is owned and operated by the real estate professionals, all of whom benefit from the sharing of real-time market intelligence that is vital to the delivery of superior commercial real estate services. The unique service platform has attracted some of the most experienced and talented real estate professionals in the industry, all of whom share Bill’s original vision of superior service through teamwork. Lee & Associates offices offer a broad array of real estate services tailored to meet the needs of the company’s clients in each of the markets it serves. They include commercial real estate brokerage, property management, valuation, asset management and finance. Now, the largest firm of its kind in North America. The company’s reach extends across the US, British Columbia and, most recently, to Europe through a strategic alliance with Gerald Eve. For more information about Lee & Associates, please visit –


The Corporation’s profits are shared based on the productivity of each shareholder; thus teamwork is essential to guarantee efficiency, performance, and profitability in the work environment. Longevity is promoted by offering associate brokers the opportunity to become shareholders based on demonstrated performance, cooperation and ethical practice. Unlike our competitors, shareholders have a vested interest in mentoring and insuring the success of Junior Associates.


We give our team members the opportunity to build their personal wealth. The unique shared ownership structure and philosophy of team effort has attracted top-producing real estate professionals in our industry. Our Senior Shareholders are among the most experienced in the commercial real estate industry, providing the clients of Lee & Associates with access to unparalleled market knowledge.


If you are ready to get started on your next transaction or just need information to help you plan your next move, give a Lee & Associates specialist a call!

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