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Benefits Of Owning Land

Benefits of Owning Land

  • To hold land, you don’t need a storage space, land takes care of itself.

  • Owning Land requires low or no maintenance and offers an easy management.

  • Land annual property taxes are low (compared to other types of Real Estate holdings).

  • Owning land gives you a cool status symbol.

  • Land can be left as a legacy to a family member, loved one or a charity.

  • Land owners can camp, RV and do suitable outdoor activities on their land, some exciting sporting activities like Dirt bike, 4WD, etc. (check the codes for that County)

  • Land is Real Estate, therefore is a financial asset.

  • Land appreciates in value, and can give you a good return on your initial investment.

  • Startup cost to own land is low, compare with other forms of Real Estate (like residential homes or commercial buildings).

  • Land ownership does not require you to deal with tenant, termite and toilet problems.

  • You can plant and grow things on a land.

  • You can build on the land; (complying with the local authority codes)

  • You can sell your land when the time comes to sell.

  • Owning land gives one pride of ownership and bragging rights, you have something to talk about at the BBQ parties and gatherings.

  • Enjoy the land love the nature, touch the stones, sand, bushes, plants, and its starry skies.

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